It is important that you check with your local Building Control and Planning Office Departments for requirements and restrictions regarding permission submittal for your proposed construction. You will need a site plan and, possibly, other information, in addition to the plan set, for getting Building Control Approval.

Garageplans.co.uk assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. The purchaser must verify all notes, dimensions and conditions prior to the start of construction and be responsible for the same. All plans are designed to meet specifications and regulations in the UK. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of the plans to have the plans inspected before/during construction by the local authority to insure all work is done in a workman like manner and conforms to all local regulations. The purchaser of these plans assumes all of the above responsibilities and agrees to hold the seller harmless for any and all injuries, claims and liabilities that may result from the construction of these plans.

Our plan sets are sold for one (1) construction use only. Repetitive use of the plan sets is prohibited under current copyright laws unless specific written permission is provided by Garageplans.co.uk. We can provide a repetitive use royalty agreement if so desired. Call us for more information @ +44 (0)28 9081 4106

Refund Policy
All our plans are custom made to your specific requirements and as required by Local Authorities your name and address are included on the drawings, we therefore do not make refunds for any cancelled returned orders.

Very few plan companies provide 100% guarantees on the plans they sell. They know that their plans will not meet local Building Control requirements. Customers should be aware of the risk.

Guarantees are especially important in this field. Plans sold without guarantees, especially, often do not comply with Building Control Regulations. The plans have to be either taken to a local drawing office to be revised to comply with the building regulations or, simply, be discarded. Customers should ask for guarantees on any plan they purchase and they should not have to lose money. Garageplans.co.uk plans come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Garageplans.co.uk guarantees all plan sets for successful Building Control Approval under "normal" conditions (defined below) within England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland (Not suitable for use in Scotland), for the use intended, within the scope of information provided.

"Normal" Means

  • Assumed 80 mph sustained maximum wind
  • Assumed moderate wind exposure
  • Assumed basically flat building site
  • Assumed good soil bearing capacity
  • Assumed stable, durable soil conditions

Our Guarantee does not apply in the following circumstances

  • Topography, substandard soils, or drainage problems require design modifications
  • Snow, wind, conditions require structural and drawing modifications
  • Where plan sets have been modified in any way
  • Where submission is required under the Scottish Building Regulations

Garageplans.co.uk will provide immediate clarification or correction, if needed, for the plan sets, within the scope of information presented. Plan sets may be returned for a full refund if they do not meet our guarantee, as stated, within 1 year of purchase date.

Please check all relevant dimensions before ordering. All our plans are measured by their internal measurements. When measuring your site please include for the thickness of the walls.