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A-Rated White Goods

These use less energy than non A-rated appliances which reduces the impact on climate change as well as saving you money each year.

A-rated goods can be purchased from all online appliance retailers and high-street stores.

EU Energy Labelling

By law all white goods must have an EU energy label rating. Appliances are rated from A-rated (the most energy saving) down to the G-rated (least efficient).

White goods will always display the energy label. The A-rated goods tend to be priced the same as other goods but they will save you money over their operational life.

Fridges and Freezers

One of the biggest energy using devices in your home is the fridge-freezer. A saving of 60% can be made in using A-rated energy saving fridge-freezers over older fridge-freezer, saving you up to £35 a year.

Washing Machines

With over 250 wash cycles each year an A-rated washing machine uses over 30% less energy than a typical old one, saving you up to £5 a year.


A saving of £13 per year can be made on the average dishwashers 250 cycles per year. An A-rated dishwasher will use around 40% less energy than a typical old one.

Energy Saving Recommended

When shopping for new appliances, always look for ones with the Energy Saving Recommended logo. Products that carry this logo all meet government backed strict energy efficiency criteria set by the Energy Saving Trust.