Self-Build Guides

Why do so many people decide to build their own home?

For some it's the only way of getting that dream home they always wanted, something different, something not designed for the masses. Where the dream home can be built in a location they desire and to the specification they want.

For others it's an investment, savings of up to 30% can be made depending on how much input the self-builder makes.

The design of the self-build house is totally in the self-builders hands with advice from their professional consultant. They can achieve a design that is moulded to the self-builders lifestyle, family size, likes and dislikes, shape, position and style. No off the peg house could match up with so many design options.

What do self-builders build?

The average self-built home is a four bedroom detached house with double garage. As the design is in the hands of the individual self-builder, their design is as individual as they are. There are also some very large homes build by the self-builder as well as some retirement bungalows. The budget is the main factor in deciding the size of the dwelling, although because of the savings made in the self-build process, self-build homes tend to be larger.

The specification used by the self-builder is usually much higher than the contractor build homes. Because they are going to live in the dwelling, and tell all their friends and visitors that they build this dwelling, attention to every detail is normal. The finished home must be just right.

So why self-build?

There is no single answer to this, may be it's the only solution for getting a home in the ideal location, a design that's suits them, cost savings, getting that individual look and feel in the home.