Hallway Design



We have all learned that first impressions are critical; research has shown that 55% of a person's first impression is from visual impact. The hall way is the first impression your guests have to the inside of your home. It should be bright, airy and inviting not dark and enclosed, but care is required not to oversize the hall in proportion to the dwelling.

I have been to a number of large homes and not so large homes that have been given over to impressive hallways, many of which are over sized for the dwelling.

For once, size isn't important; it should feel comfortable and have plenty of light. The hallway is a functional room of the household giving access to the main rooms on the ground floor and access to the upper or lower levels. We don't spend a lot of time in the hall way.

A good design of a hall way is one that is in proportion to the size of the dwelling, welcoming and inviting.


The photographs to the left show a view from the entrance door of the hallway and one from the first floor landing.

The hallway is in proportion to the size of the dwelling and additional light is gained from Velux windows in the roof over the hall.

hall from landing The staircase is placed and orientated correctly, in that it does not interfere with any of the doorways within the dwelling and is facing the entrance. NOTE: When entering a dwelling one should not see the back of a staircase, the stairs should also be inviting and welcoming, therefore the stairs should be facing the entrance door. hall floor

Keep it simple

When lighting levels are not a problem dark floor coverings can add interest to the hall, the use of contrasting colours or patterns can add additional features.

Never use your hallway as a dumping ground. This is the first thing you see when you open the door so keep the hall and stairs tidy and free of clutter at all times.

If this is where you keep coats and bags, invest in some appropriate storage. There are so many storage options for halls and lobbies now that you will definitely find something to suit your needs. Choose from free-standing coat-racks, fixed individual or a rail of hooks, a shoe rack or high level shelving for hats and bags.

Whatever the size or shape of your hallway, your prime concern should be to make it as welcoming as possible.

hall stairs
hall entrance

Keep it light

If the light is inadequate or a more bright appearance is required then light colours should be used within the hall, cream or white paint will solve this problem. Using lightly coloured highly glazed tiles on the floor will reflect additional light around the hallway.

This hall way due to the unusually high ceiling obtains light using Velux windows in the roof. The reflective surfaces increases the airiness of the hallway.

hall from landing