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Building Contract for a Home Owner / Occupier

In 1999 the Joint Contract Council (JCT ) issued a new form of contact the Building Contract for a Home Owner/Occupier. This building contact is one of the simplest forms of contact available and is intended to be used when no agent or professional advisers are employed.

The contract basically asks a series of questions by leaving blank spaces to be filled out.

  • The names and addresses of the customer and the contractor
  • The description of the work to be done
  • What statutory approvals the customer will obtain
  • What facilities the contractor is permitted to use on site free of charge
  • The price
  • Stage payments
  • How long the work will last
  • Contractors insurances
  • What hours the contractor can carry out work
  • Whether the premises will be occupied during the contract period
  • How disputes our handled.

As stated earlier this is the simplest form of building contract available, but sets out the minimum requirements. By answering the above questions it covers all the main areas where disputes between customers and contractors arise. It also forms the basis of any dispute between the customer and contractor and often avoids the need for costly lawsuits. Anybody considering undertaking improvement works to their properties is well advised to have some form of written contract with the contractor. This form of contract sets out clearly all the important information required in plain English.

While care has been taken in preparing this note it should not be treated as definitive legal interpretation or commentary. You should seek proper legal advice from a suitable qualified person.

*Not for use in Scotland