Bathroom Fittings Guide

Shower Quadrant
Shower Quadrant

How your bathroom looks depends on the furniture and finishes you decide to purchase. The biggest item in the bathroom will be the bathtub, there are numerous styles and materials available, each with its own feel and look.


retangular bath

The standard size for the bath is 1700 mm long x 700 mm wide. If space is tight then a compact bath 1500 mm long x 700 mm wide and even a 1200 mm long x 700 mm wide baths are available.

Acrylic is the most popular material for baths but cast iron, stainless steel and pressed steel are also used.

corner bath

Corner baths usually 1600 mm long and 1000 mm wide can be used as an alternative style to the rectangular bath.

If a separate shower unit is not envisaged then you may want to provide a bath screen and a wall mounted shower above the bath. There are many types and styles of bath screens that fold away when not in use. All glazed bath screens are made from 5 mm toughened safety glass.

spa bath

If a little more spare cash is available then a whirlpool and spa baths provide a relaxing soak in a beautiful bathtub that is hard to beat.

Creating a spa at home is increasingly popular, and the benefits of water, steam, shower and massage jets can help alleviate tiredness, aching muscles and other ailments; e.g. a hot shower can invigorate, and release endorphins, while a cold shower can perform miracles on skin tissue.

Shower enclosures come in many shapes and sizes, D-Shape Enclosures, Quadrant Enclosures, Walk In Showers, Steam Showers, Walk In Shower Screens are just some of the choices.

shower D shape Sliding door allows you to maintain maximum space within your bathroom and ensure that no overspill shower water will fall onto your bathroom floor. shower quadrant; Quadrant shower cubicles are designed to be used in the corner of your bathroom. walk in shower
Walk-In are sometimes also known as wet rooms when no tray is used and the enclosure is straight to floor. Walk-In and wet rooms have very simplistic design and will sit perfectly in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.
steam shower
Muscles unwind, stiffness & fatigue melt away & you can experience the health-giving benefits of warm steam.
walk in shower screen
This minimalist shower screen with its stylish but practical hinged splash deflector gives a contemporary look to any bathroom. Each shower screen is made in a sturdy toughened safety glass.