Garage Plan Ref 30100AHSB

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3m x 10m Garage Plan with a Hipped roof - Brick walls

3.45m x 10.45m Externally
30m² Ground Floor Area
9" wall construction
Single side door and three side windows
7' x 7' Up and Over Garage Door
Traditional rafter roof construction

17.5° roof pitch : Ridge Height = 3.3m
22.5° roof pitch : Ridge Height = 3.4m
30° roof pitch : Ridge Height = 3.7m
35° roof pitch : Ridge Height = 3.9m

This domestic detached garage is ideal for parking of two family cars. This garage is longer than the standard garage and allows for additional storage, workshop space, or a second car. Constructed with 9 inch walls all round to give better weather protection. This garage is suitable for narrow but long building sites.