Garage Plan Ref 6050CLLB

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6m x 5m Loft Garage Plan with a 45 Degree Pitch roof - Brick walls Gable Fronted Roof- style C

Ridge Height 6m

6.6m x 5.6m Externally
30m² Ground Floor Area
First Floor Storage Loft 3.5m x 5m = 17.5m²
12" Cavity wall construction
Single side door and window
7' x 7' Up and Over Garage Door and front window
Room in the Roof Truss Rafters

This domestic single car workshop garage is ideal for parking the family car. Extra space is provided to allow a workshop area to be formed at the side of the car parking space. If a workshop is not required then the space can be used for storage or parking a motorbike. The additional window on the front elevation is supplied to provide extra natural light into the garage. The 7 feet wide garage door allows easy access to the garage. The cavity wall construction provides water proof construction.

WARNING!!! This is the smallest length of garage available. It will be adequate for most saloon type cars but will NOT be long enough for the larger type cars. If you have the building space available please select the 6m long garage. Check the length of your car here. car sizes