Single Storey Garage Design 4580B

4.5m x 8m One Car Garage Design

4.95m x 8.45m Externally
36m² Ground Floor Area
9" wall construction
Single side door and two side windows
7' x 7' Up and Over Garage Door
Traditional rafter roof construction

This spacious domestic single car garage is ideal for parking the car. With a wider interior than the standard garage more room is available to open the car doors or moving around the car. The garage is wide enough to allow the DIY handyman to work around the car. The extra length allows a workbench to be placed at the rear of the garage. The garage door is offset to one side to allow the garage to be placed at the end of a narrow driveway. The extra width to the garage can project along the rear elevation of the dwelling. Constructed with 9 inch walls all round to give better weather protection.

Garage Design 4580BHSB

Garage Design 4580BHSBCB

Garage Design 4580BHSBCR

Garage Design 4580BHSR

Garage Design 4580BHSRCB

Garage Design 4580BHSRCR

Garage Design 4580BLSB

Garage Design 4580BLSBCB

Garage Design 4580BLSBCR

Garage Design 4580BLSR

Garage Design 4580BLSRCB

Garage Design 4580BLSRCR

Garage Design 4580BFSR

Garage Design 4580BFSB