Garage Design with Storage Loft 6080BL

6m x 8m Two Car Garage Design with Loft

6.6m x 8.6m Externally
48m² Ground Floor Area
First Floor Storage Loft 3.5m x 8m = 28m²
12" Cavity wall construction
Single side door and two side windows
2No 7' x 7' Up and Over Garage Doors
Room in the Roof Truss Rafters

This domestic double car garage is ideal for parking the family cars. The width of the garage will accommodate two cars side by side. The extra length provided allows for a workbench or storage area at the rear of the garage. The two 7 feet wide garage doors allow individual access to the garage for each car. The cavity wall construction provides water proof construction.

Garage Design 6080BLLB

Garage Design 6080BLLBCB

Garage Design 6080BLLBCR

Garage Design 6080BLLR

Garage Design 6080BLLRCB

Garage Design 6080BLLRCR