Single Storey Garage Design 6080A

6m x 8m Two Car Garage Design

6.6m x 8.6m Externally
48m² Ground Floor Area
12" Cavity wall construction
Single side door and two side windows
14' x 7' Up and Over Garage Door
Truss rafter roof construction

This domestic double car garage is ideal for parking the family cars. With a wider interior than the standard double garage more room is available to open the car doors or moving around the car. The garage is wide enough to allow the DIY handyman to work around the car. The extra length allows a workbench to be placed at the rear of the garage. The 14 feet wide garage door allows easy access to the garage. The cavity wall construction provides water proof construction.

Garage Design 6080AHSB

Garage Design 6080AHSBCB

Garage Design 6080AHSBCR

Garage Design 6080AHSR

Garage Design 6080AHSRCB

Garage Design 6080AHSRCR

Garage Design 6080ALSB

Garage Design 6080ALSBCB

Garage Design 6080ALSBCR

Garage Design 6080ALSR

Garage Design 6080ALSRCB

Garage Design 6080ALSRCR